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Can't read cd/dvd Apr 3rd 2018, 16:20 1 444 on 3/4/18
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detecting viruses in cd/dvd Williamhawk on 3/4/18

I have a library book with a cd-rom with practice files. Is there a way to test the cd or dvds for viruses or other threats before I load it on my computer? I have a Dell dimension 5100 xp professtional.
Please help.

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Software to create a Multimedia CD or DVD Williamhawk on 3/4/18

I need to create a multimedia CD or DVD which will include some video clips, photos, texts and hyperlinks. The final product will need to be a self-executing package. I don't want the end user to go through any installation hassle. He will simply need to insert the CD/DVD into the appropriate drive in his PC and run it from there. An autoplay feature would be nice too.
So, which software would you recommend?
Please help.

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Can't read cd/dvd Williamhawk on 3/4/18

I reformat my hard drive and reinstalled win xp home with sp2.Since this has been done my cd or dvd don't open in windows explorer.Some of them yes some not.Before reformating the HD I had no problem.My system is P4, 1 GIG RAM, 60 GIG hd.The only think installed at this point is win xp.I have Plextor CDRW, PLEXTOR DVD RW AND A DVD READ ONLY.Regardless which one I use the result is the same.

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Speaking of Hardstyle! Williamhawk on 3/2/18

So the really funny thing about this is I have not been on here in a week because i have been working on a few new Tracks of my own. I didn't see this topic last time and now I do. And the funniest part of this.....
I Just Released a brand new Hardstyle Track!.
Granted it isn't like S3RL's Happy Hardcore songs or Headhunterz or even Da Tweekaz but Ya gotta start somewhere right.

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Audio Visual Competition Etiquette Williamhawk on 3/2/18

After organising a major AV comp in Queensland in 2015 and now assisting another Brisbane club to do the same in 2016. I wrote these guidance notes that may be useful.Not being a lover of restrictive rules that can cramp authors creative freedoms I prefer guidelines.

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