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Audiofreq - Oncoming Storm (Freakz remix) Freakz on 9/11/12
Tai kad nieko ypatingo nera, nelabai jutau kazkoki skirtuma :)
Megstamiausi DJ animekore on 26/4/12
Noize suppressor, Unexist, Anime, Darkraver, Day-mar.
HardStyleZone VII Dmts on 6/2/12
Parasyk man i skype, id : xalevcik
Kelionė į Masters Of Hardcore 2012 Mr. X on 8/1/12

2012 metai, kovo 24-oji - Olandijoje, Den Bosch miestelyje, Brabanthallen arenoje įvyks Masters Of Hardcore THE VORTEX OF VENGEANCE renginys, ir kaip jau supratote komanda šėls ten iki paryčių.

Kadangi, tai bus jau 5-oji oficiali organizuojama kelionė, ji bus itin patraukli kainos atžvilgiu.

Tad, pradėkime:

Transportas - lėktuvas

Išvykimo taškas - Vilniaus Oro Uostas (VNO)

Kelionės trukmė - 2 dienos

Startas - 2012.03.24

Finišas - 2012.03.26

Renginio vieta - Den Bosch, Olandija

Arenos pavadinimas - Brabanthallen (iki 20 000 stovimų ir 8 000 sėdimų vietų)

Renginio pavadinimas - Masters Of Hardcore 2012

Muzika - Be abejonės HARDCORE!

Kelionės kaina - 850 Lt!

Kas įeina į kelionės kainą?

1. Dvi nakvynės viešbutyje

2. Pusryčiai viešbutyje

3. Bilietas į renginį

4. Lektuvo bilietas iš ir į Vilniaus Oro Uostą

5. Nesveikai draugiška ir linksma kompanija

TBA :-)


Pinigus už kelionę reikia sumokėti iki vasario 10-osios - pavedimu arba grynais.

Turite klausimų?

Rašykite Mr.Che (Dima) arba Mr.X (Ramūnas)
Skype: kila_kella ; xalevcik +370 645 55895 ; +370 687 91870

Frontliner - Producers Mind Mr. X on 5/12/11

Frontliner has been passionately working in the hard dance scene for well over half a decade and has continually excelled as both a producer and DJ on the worlds foremost hard-dance record label Scantraxx Recordz. An artist with a truly diverse and unique sound, Frontliner has become very successful over the years and it is this success has led him to perform at some of hardstyle’s most respected events including Defqon.1 Festival, Decibel Outdoor Festival, In Qontrol, Q-BASE, Hard Bass, Reverze and countless more. His discography encompasses a huge number of well-known solo releases, collaborations and even three massive anthems. Kicking off 2011 with a mind-blowing tour across the USA, Frontliner made a decision to produce his first artist album. Frontliner then began months of hard work in the studio to bring to the world everything that Frontliner stands for a variety of energetic and original tracks representing his musical mind.

This album “Producers Mind” has a single goal: to take the listener on a journey through Frontliner’s creative vision of music. All tracks were written from a fresh perspective and the finished product reflects that. There are many feelings to be experienced while listening to “Producers Mind”. Filled with spine chilling vocals, catchy melodies and blended with rock hard kicks, this album truly something special and unique. Frontliner has also teamed up with a few of the leading producers in hard dance music, such as Max Enforcer, Deepack and Ran-D to take his album to another level. In addition to all of the great tracks already featured on “Producers Mind”, there are two fantastic remixes from his colleagues at Scantraxx Recordz: Scope DJ and The Prophet.

“Frontliner – Producers Mind” will be released to the world on December 14th 2011. The track list will be announced within the next couple of weeks so make sure you keep an eye out on the social networks and websites to stay up to date with the latest news and developments.