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The influence of Dub in Today's music.

Apr 21st 2018, 13:04


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I've not do lot of post this last time... because family problem and the only things i wanted is doing music ! you'know feel good vibes! In school they ask me about doing a "memory"... i have choice of any subject, so i decided to speak about the influance of dub music to today music (in this terms, i need define some music genre i would study, d'n'b, hip-hop, hardcore and perhaps other electronic music that i think dub-influanced). Did you know some musical genre that use one/some same studio technic like 70's dub producer but before the 70's ? Have some info about the root of the different musical genre i speak before ? BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT : What do you think about that ?? And if you do dub-influanced music, how the dub influance you in your creation ??

Please help.

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