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Techno music with Guru - How to organise tracks?

Mar 20th 2018, 09:11


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I'm making techno music in Dave clark-white noise type groove, using Guru for my pattern-making and drum samples. Currently I drag my patterns into clips in a main 'guru midi' channel, and then use for four outputs from the plugin into seperate audio tracks (kick/snare/hats/perc) that Guru has in the options to add reverb and other effects.
It works great for making 8-16 beat loops with a guru pattern, maybe something from Newskool and a bassline, but when it comes to full tracks and I want to add a lot of little variation to keep things interesting, it just gets really confusing. Watching some future music videos a lot of house/techno producers seem to have a separate channel for every sound. Is that a better way of doing it? How can I do that with Guru? Should I be bouncing patterns to audio and having separate audio channels, or keeping it as midi and just outputting it all from guru onto separate tracks? Any tips much appreciated.

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