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Need Help Orginizing/Work Flow Industrial Hardcore/Breakcore

Apr 21st 2018, 15:19


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have been "writing" a track for a little over a week. but i am no closer to finishing then when i started... i have tried forums on the sites of my "genre" which i use loosely.
i am attempting to write and industrial hardcore track
influenced by Deathchant records Rebelscum Provoke type stuff... i have a ton of on shots and loops and synths ready to go... im pretty sure i have all the sounds i need to complete the track... the problem is the arrangment side of things... i was a drummer for a long time so i have the beats down but am haveing trouble getting anything accomplished..
i have the length ish i want the track would you recomend putting all the drums down first... or getting the intro????

Please help.

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