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The hardstyle virus is spreading around the world and infecting crowds by storm. The worldwide respected record label TiLLT Gold has caused shockwaves due to releases as "Gold", "Epic" and "Be As One". In collaboration with the leading Scantraxx platform, the label has relaunched itself with the foundation of Gold Records.

Gold Records is founded to bring you euphoric hardstyle and has shaken off the TiLLT name. Gold Records' label manager Max Enforcer explains why he founded the new label. "We want the world to know that Gold Records is founded for the big euphoric hardstyle. A lot of people got confused of the name TiLLT Gold, as our former parent label is known for the rougher raw hardstyle and a lot of people thought that TiLLT Gold was similar to that. With the foundation of Gold Records in collaboration with Scantraxx, this will no longer be an issue."

The name of the label refers to Max Enforcer's hit record "Gold", which has been hailed as one of the best euphoric hardstyle tracks in recent history. Max Enforcer: "When I think of gold, I think of huge things. A gold medal leads to a higher state of mind: gold equals luxury, the good life, the sun, beaches and happiness. That is exact what we want to bring with the new label Gold Records. Massive melodies, uplifting sounds and raving atmospheres."

Gold Records will be launched with the release of the official Decibel 2011 anthem "Sound Intense City", which was produced by Zany & Max Enforcer feat. MC DV8, and will also be the homebase of the immense talented DJ/ producer Waverider. "We've got a few tracks waiting to be released. The label will mainly focus on Max Enforcer and Waverider releases, but we also have some great collaborations with other leading producers coming up. One thing is for sure: there's a Gold-en streak coming your way very soon!"

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