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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Instagram last night to show her 2.8 million followers her remedy for wearing pumps for over 10 hours. "If you want to know what life as a congresswoman is like , I am currently stepping on bags of frozen broccoli in my kitchen because my feet just got wild cramps from walking around in heels for 12 hours," AOC wrote over a snap of her foot and, as stated, a bag of greens from the freezer.The 29-year-old New York Democrat explained she doesn't have to wear pumps for her job Cheap Yeezy , but sometimes she prefers to. "People are asking if I'm required to wear heels for work, the answer is NO I don't have to wear heels, I was just trying to wear cute ankle boots and feel my jush today, okay?!" She then added in parenthesis Cheap Yeezy From China , "But I also have yet to see the speaker wear flats 👠."AOC followed that up by posting a photo of herself in the ankle boots during an outing. "True life: I toured LGA construction and lobbied for solar panels and living wage jobs in ankle boots and now I'm stepping on frozen broccoli for it," the Bronx native quipped.Click through the gallery to view U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's shoe style.Watch FN's video on How to Walk in Heels from Instagram star Carrie Dragshaw below.Want more?Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Commands Attention in a White Cape at the State of UnionAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shares Photo of Worn-Out Campaign ShoesCongresswomen Send a Powerful Message in All-White Outfits at 2019 State of the Union Address "I'll see your Vans and raise you Crocs."That's what Twitter user @RidiculousDak captioned a video shared on social media, which showed a pair of the brand's foam clog shoes thrown up into the air and landing flat on their soles — thus launching the Crocs shoe flip challenge.The clip depicted two other instances in which the sandals were hoisted up and propelled forward only to rest upright — one tossed from the top of carpeted stairs and the other hurled out of the window of a two-story residence./ new internet craze seemed to come in response to Vans' own Twitter challenge, gaining traction on the networking platform yesterday after fellow Twitter user @Ibelievthehype posted a video claiming Cheap Yeezy 350 , "Did you know it doesn't matter how you throw your Vans they will land facing up."Other Crocs footwear owners compared the two online, putting the checkered skate shoes and the molded clogs side by side and throwing them in unison. In user @Zimran_Lawrence's tweet, one of the Vans shoes fails to turn the right side up, while a pair of white Crocs stuck their landing./ user by the name @susanna__07 tagged the original Twitter post on the #VansChallenge and wrote "Mind works with CROCS TOO!!!" along with a video of three pairs of the shoes thrown simultaneously./ Crocs spokesperson told FN that the social media moment "appears to be an organic response from Croc Nation Cheap Adidas Ultraboost ," a term it uses to refer to its loyal customers.Want more?Crocs Sales, Profits Topped Q4 Forecasts, but Investors Are Still Ditching the StockFrom the Archives: Crocs, Uggs & More Comfy Shoes on the Runway