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X-Qlusive - Italy

Nine years ago, on October 26th 2002, the very first X-Qlusive premiered; X-Qlusive Italy. With Technoboy as their frontmen a bunch of Italian artists showed us their typical sound. Since then, the Italians are always here, in the Dutch hardstyle scene. Now, nine years later a lot has changed. Q-dance thinks it's time to refresh our Italian memory.

October 1st 2011, X-Qlusive Italy returns to the Heineken Music Hall. From 21:30 - 07:00 o'clock the Heineken Music Hall is all about Italy and hardstyle. In this fast-course of Italian, Q-dance will present all the Italian stereotypes you can think of; beautiful women, fast cars, corrupt prime ministers and steamy pastas. Here you can already taste a little slice of our pizza.

Trailer :

Lineup :

Area 1
- Stephanie (XQ raw set)
- Tatanka
- Zatox
- Activator
- Wild Mothterfuckers (live)
- David Sonar (live)
- Ivan Carsten

Area 2
- Activator
- Anime
- Noize Suppressor
- Art of Fighters
- The R3bels
- Francesco Zeta

Name: X-Qlusive Italy
Date: 1/10/2011
Time: 21.30
Location: Heineken Music Hall
Age: 18+
Ticket price: € 49,00
VIP ticket price: € 61,00
Get tickets at:

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Mr. X, 2011-09-17 20:17:32
Pridėtas line-up'as.
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